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Size: 11″ x 14"
Matte, Glossy or Pearl prints available 
Size: 20” x 30″
Matte, Glossy or Pearl prints available
Please contact me with any request for additional sizes, Canvas/Metal/Wood prints or bulk discount on orders of 4 or more photos.

About Me

Johan started Photography as a hobby, but it developed into a true passion along the way.

His interest in photography started around the year 2000 with his first visits to Australia and Europe. He transitioned from a film point-and-shoot camera to digital at the end of 2002. Since then travels has taken him to all kinds of beautiful places including Greece, London, Scotland and Mexico. For the past 17 years he has also been documenting his travels across America.

Johan was born in South Africa. He currently works in San Diego, California.

Johan always had the philosophy that Photography should be fun. He hopes to continue spending his time traveling the planet, camera in hand, having fun…

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